16 янв. 2018 г.

Garmiss pumps and sandals

Hello, lovelies!
Last year I discovered new fashion online store Garmiss. I made some list of products I'd like to buy and made an order. Last weekend currier bring me my parcel.
The order was divided on 2 parcels - sometimes stores make dispatched orders - that os ok. But unfortunately I receive only 2 items from ordered 3. It seems strange(( 

My first received item - 

Simple Pointed and High-Heeled Shoes - Gray 


That shoes looks gorgeous! I love that pearl-grey color and the shape. Heel is about 10 cm and looks amazing. The thing I don't like is the smell(( that shoes smells like a glue and the scent is pretty strong. I hope the smell will dissapear soon. 

Design - 5/5
Comfort - 4/5
Quality- 4/5

Women Shoes Buckle Strap Dress Stiletto Heel Sparkling Glitter Sandals - Beige

The second received box containing a pair of beautiful heeled sandals with sparkling elements. I love that minimalistic design! That sandals would be great for summer parties and romantic dinners. They are quite comfortable and looks stylish. 

Design - 5/5
Comfort - 4/5
Quality - 5/5    

I loved items from Garmiss webstore, but I didn't enjoy the service. Some items were out of stock, but were still available on website - that makes problems for clients. The item I did'n receive was cheap, but the fact is not nice. 

Do you have experience with Garmiss? What items do you like? 

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  1. Fabulous these shoes, I love the first pair!

    My Tester Mania

  2. Love Gamiss and love your new shoes. Gorgeous. xoxo Cris

  3. They look so cute!
    Thx for share dear~

  4. Muy bonitos ;) miraré la página. Gracias por el post. Un placer descubrir tu blog me quedo por aquí como seguidora.

  5. Анонимный1/20/2018 9:42 PM

    Wonderful shoes!!

  6. Bonito e interesante tu blog!! ya me tienes como seguidora!! Saludos

  7. I also follow your blog with pleasure.
    Besos desde Argentina

  8. Some beautiful shoes
    I follow you

  9. Nice shoes! You have a great blog, I'm following you too, thanks for visiting mine!

  10. Las sandalias brillo espumoso son preciosas, que pena que en la web este agotadas. Muy buen post y gracias por compartir. Un saludo Isa

  11. Hola guapa!!
    Desde hoy te sigo en tu blog y te invito a conocer el mío https://todoeldiadecompras.blogspot.com.es/

  12. Great Post..!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Серые туфельки - огонь!

  14. Hey dear!
    love the post and followed the blog :)
    Can you please visit and follow mine back?
    pimentamaisdoce.blogspot.pt <3


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